Turning to the pharmacy may be necessary, it may also be an opportunity, it must be a satisfying and above all comfortable experience for you.
Comfortable and within the rules.
Medicines today are so widespread that they can be perceived as any consumer good: I think I need a medicine, I go to the pharmacy, I ask for it, I pay for it and I use it.
In reality, the drug hides dangers (for the health of the individual and the community), which justify the judgement of the doctor and the filtering action of the pharmacist. If we have to say "no" or seem overly curious about a request that you think is perfectly normal, know that we are trying to do our best for your health.
Having clarified this point, we at Farmacie Teresiane are convinced that, in general, access to treatment and the maintenance of health are fundamental in the perception of quality of life, and therefore all initiatives and instruments to make this access easy and practical must be promoted.
We have activated a free home delivery service for users in our area who are in need (this button redirects to the form I sent you).
Products are paid for conveniently from home online, without the need for cash, and delivered promptly.