Home care is promoted by the Regional Health System so that, whenever possible, patients can be treated at home, in a more familiar and protected environment. This implies the existence of an Integrated Home Care network and the availability, also in pharmacies, of products and services dedicated to Home Care.

The Teresiane Pharmacies provide users with an emergency nursing service as well as technical aids which can be rented for the necessary period.

You can find out more about the nursing service provided by professional nurses from Mantua who collaborate with Farmacie Teresiane and Centro Medico Gaudia.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of our proprietary medical devices available for rental.

- Aerosol for hire, compressor motor
- Tabiano Water Vaporizer
- Endotracheal aspirator for tracheostomised patients

- Hangers with underarm support
- Trolley with underarm support
- Walker trolley
- Walker/relaxer trolley with padded arm rest, adjustable standing height
- Folding wheelchair, large rear wheel with handrail
- Folding wheelchair, small pivot wheels many with leg extension

- Anti-decubitus pillow and mattress with independent tubes and variable load
- IV stand and holder
- Hydraulic lift with wheel base
- Self-lifting triangle, which can be attached to the orthopaedic bed

- TENS device for home analgesic therapy
- Electrostimulator for muscle tone
- Apparatus for local ionophoresis
- Semi-professional device for magnetotherapy (power 50 Gauss +/-20 per speaker)

- Pulse oximeter with memory for overnight/24h monitoring. Available with adult and neonatal sensors

All devices are inspected, re-tested and supplied with a certificate of professional sanitisation, carried out in a fully equipped facility, so that every user can enjoy a perfectly efficient and safe device.

You can also consult the website of Home Care, a support structure with which we are associated, to find the product that best suits your needs.
Contact us to check the costs of purchase or rental.