There are situations where classical 'chemical' medicine is too drastic, or does not offer appropriate solutions, or where it induces undesirable side effects. This is a 'grey cone' where it makes sense to turn to unconventional treatments. This is where we circumscribe recourse to "alternative" or rather unconventional medicine, always according to science and conscience.

At Farmacie Teresiane we look at medical and scientific phytotherapy, which applies the same criteria as "classical" medicine, but uses plant extracts (from the traditional use of certain plants) as active ingredients.

On the other hand, we draw on the repertories of French Homeopathic Medicine, German Homeotoxicology as its modern evolution, and Bach Flower Therapy for the more nuanced emotional needs.

We are interested in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and millenary Traditional Chinese Medicine, which also offer original approaches to complement current therapies.

'Gentle' medicine can be the ideal solution in many situations, and this explains its gradual spread in the western world too.

Teresian pharmacies can offer a range of suitable solutions, always bearing in mind the key objective: the best health and wellbeing of those who ask us for advice, without dangerous leaps of faith.