Whoever has a cat, a dog, a pet, raise your hand!

The world of pet care has expanded dramatically in recent years due to the growing needs of pet owners.

The Teresian pharmacies also find the most rational solutions to meet the needs of users. 

It is increasingly common for veterinary practices to turn to Farmacie Teresiane for the preparation of customised medicines that are not available on the market, sometimes for exotic animals, or that are easier to administer than the industrial product.

Alongside the still limited repertoire of classic medicines for small animals, we can offer a range of alternative remedies (including Bach flowers!) that are particularly effective for your companion's health, with the guarantee of professionally qualified advice.

We offer innovative dog hygiene products, always with the philosophy of suitable, economically sustainable solutions that respect the health and needs of our little friends.

If you have special requirements, for example related to a veterinary prescription, please contact us by email to submit your question. Write to