I graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Ferrara.
After a brief experience at Aptuit as a Medicinal Chemist, I worked for six years in a pharmacy in the province of Verona, where I grew up and laid the foundations for my professional future, which is still under construction.
Along the way, I attended professional development courses, attended the School of Homeopathic Medicine in Verona, and gained experience in phytotherapy.
Motivated by my passion for animals, I learned some rudiments of veterinary first aid.
During the two-year period 2018-2019, I attended a course in Trento organised by the Italian Society of Pharmacists Preparers, obtaining the qualification.
I work at Farmacia Pancaldo, where I have the opportunity to continue to grow and expand my knowledge, thanks to a proactive and open environment.
I have recently become the mother of a beautiful little girl who I am sure will give me the opportunity to learn more about the world of childcare.
I recognise myself as a very curious person who is interested in learning about new topics.

One animal that fascinates me is the beaver; in fact, it teaches how to prioritise things, leaving room for possibilities (as it renovates its den and dam every year, adding rooms and expanding its size) and putting passion into its projects, which it manages to carry out thanks to team spirit, in order to protect itself and its family.